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MegAuto and MEGAUTO group of companies

MegAuto KG is manufacturer and dealer of panel controls, angle sensors, displacement sensors, position sensors, human input devices and transmitter. The Headquarters is in Putzbrunn-Munich. MegAuto KG is a family-owned and well established medium-sized enterprise. It is going to continue the 50 years experience of MEGATRON Elektronik AG & Co. KG in the component business. MegAuto KG operates worldwide in the area of modern high-tech components for industrial automation, robotics, human input interfaces, special applications. MEGATRON Elektronik AG & Co. KG was founded 1960 and is today a very important supplier of high end rotary and linear motion sensors, MegAuto KG is a spin off for cost effective sensors and controls.
The product range of MegAuto KG has been designed mainly for easy automation in the machine building industry. They have to be extremely economical and a wide range of alternatives. Especially lower cost machines can very often be not automated, because of the high cost of the necessary sensors and other devices. MegAuto offers for every application the right price level. Our technical service in recommending the right product is our main duty to the industry.
We operate through highly specialised distributors in many countries. Product development and production we are sharing with our plant in Pune, India (MEGACRAFT).

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