Tuesday, 21. May 2024

RotaSet® - Panel control, Panel set, Rotative Setting Devices



pict1 Wirewound - Potentiometer
pict2 Condustive Plastic - Potentiometer
pict10 ...Manual setting device, rotary encoder
pict5 ...Feedback device, simple sensor
pict8 ...Voltage divider, passive
RotaSet® includes rotary manual setting devices and rotary position sensors for simple applications. Being very economical they meet industrial requirements without having exaggerated specifications. Single turn and multiturn potentiometer of the RotaSet family use proven designs and in most cases they meet industrial standards. Inspite new developments these components are still required because they offer best price performance ratio for standard applications. RotaSet types are available with many options and modifications
even in small and medium quantities. Without modifications all models are normally available from stock in small to medium quantities. Wirewound rotaset potentiometers are very suitable for applications with higher wiper current and special resistance values, rotaset conductive plastic potentiometer are mainly used for position control applications where a long rotational life is required.