Saturday, 15. Jun 2024
EcoTurn® - Contactless Angular Position Sensors

Non contact sensor, (Hall - effect)
pict9 ...Analog: voltage or current outputs, PWM
pict14 ...Incremental: A-B-Z, open collector
pict14 ...Absolut- Digital: SSI und SPI
pict5 ...Angle sensor, position detection device
...ENA - analog is a modern alternative to convetional potentiometer applications



EcoTurn® the latest development in rotational position sensors and transducers are contactless devices. Until today only very expensive optoelectronical encoders were available. Modern Hall IC`s in combination with special magnets provide new technologies for contactless applications. Not only precision potentiometer but also optoelectronical incremental and absolute encoders can be replaced. Problematic mechanical wipers can be eliminated, also a large number of preconfigured interfaces are available. The EcoTurn series is divided into
three groups: analog - types with analog output( replacement for precision potentiometer). Models with digital incremental output (replacement of optoelectronical encoders ) and types with absolute digital SPI and SSI output. Dimensions from 22mm diameter to 50mm diameter in economical plastic housings and types in metal housings with ball bearings for long life are available. Because of the wide variety of mechanical and electrical options it is possible to use them in almost any automation and control application where rotary angular sensing is required. Regardless to the wide variety of existing technical features the price level is relative low.